Finally, family entertainment reminiscent of the good ole days. Affordable and awesome! We have the newest games along with the arcade staples of old.  If your game is prizes, we have you covered with the most enticing prizes possible, far above the competition.

Party Packages

Coming soon….

Token Prices

  • 1 Token – 25¢
  • 5 Tokens – $1
  • 25 Tokens – $5
  • 50 Tokens – $10
  • Super Special! 135 Tokens – $20

Prices for Castlecade locations only*

Collectable Castle Chips and Prize Tokens

Collect castle chips from coin pushers for prizes!

Collect one chip for various gift cards or complete sets of chips for even larger prizes!, See the location for large prize sets.

Collect Prize tokens for smaller prizes!

Collect Prize tokens from select games to win smaller prizes! You can redeem them in the automated machine at the Loaction.