Mach Storm


Kick the tires and light the fires as you blaze into the sky with Bandai Namco’s Mach Storm!
Mach Storm is an air combat/dogfighting simulator that offers the kind of unique high-tech experience that you will only find at the arcade. Using the specially designed “pod” cabinet, players sit inside of a cockpit-style with a seamless dome screen projection display around them. This HD 180° degree view distinguishes the game from most other titles on the market, providing for a Virtual Reality style format without requiring the user to wear anything. You’ll truly feel like you are diving headfirst into the intense action!
This effect is enhanced further with the force feedback joystick, surround sound + subwoofer under the seat, and wind (via the built-in fan), creating a “4D” style gaming platform that will dominate any arcade floor. The game also uses a camera to take a picture of the player for avatar and high score use.
Players can select from 5 different combat missions, all set in real cities around the world: Miami (Easy), Paris(Normal), Dubai(Normal), Washington D.C.(Hard), and Tokyo(Hard). Perform well in the selected city and win an extra mission!
What Makes Mach Storm Special?
– Exclusive to arcades – based on Ace Combat: Assault Horizon that was released to consoles but heavily modified for arcade play
– Takes dogfighting to the extreme thanks to the seamless 180° dome screen
– Controls are easy to grasp: Force feedback joystick with machine guns (trigger) & missiles (thumb button); throttle lever for speed
– Become enveloped in true 3D sound and wind effects that change depending on your speed
– 5 levels to choose from based on real cities around the world
– Camera feature for player avatars
– Large high score leaderboards to incentivize repeat skill play
– Cutting edge graphics powered by PC hardware

This game can be found at the following locations….

  • Castlecade West Town Mall
  • Madison WI