Sit-Down Driving and Deluxe Games


Afterburner Climax  Sega  $3800

  • Awesome Game!
  • great shape!


Crazy Taxi   $SOLD

  • Restored controls with new parts
  • Great Picture


F-Zero AX Sega $3500

  • NOS Monitor for years of play
  • restored controls with new parts
  • Gamecube memory card port
  • Rare hard to find game!


Fast & Furious Tokyo Drift TWIN $6500

  • LCD Monitors for years of play!
  • restored controls with new parts
  • Dell computer upgrade
  • Head to Head Play



Initial D Version 5 TWIN  Sega    $SOLD

  • IMG_2601Rare Japanese import!
  • Awesome drift game from Sega
  • Working card readers!
  • Head to Head Play





Jambo Safari Sega $1200

  • Unique gameplay!
  • Great picture!


Jurassic Park Arcade (Raw Thrills)    $11050

  • less than one year old!
  • high earning game!!!


Let’s Go Jungle Deluxe $4500

  • immersive Sit down cabinet with surround sound
  • LCD monitor upgrade
  • reworked controls
  • rebuilt CPU with new video card











Call Sean for more information at 920-980-1947 , Game availability is subject to change call for most up to date list , Pictures available upon request, All used game sales are covered under our limited 30 day repair warranty*