Let’s go Jungle!


Flying mutant piranha, giant preying mantis and spiders the size of jeeps, oh my! This tropical island is no place for a quiet peaceful walk through the woods. It’s a fast paced rumble in the jungle shooter that’s fun for everyone!


Let’s Go Jungle Deluxe, released in 2006 by Sega, runs on the Lindbergh family of hardware which is able to deliver incredible clarity and detail in every scene. It is often listed as a light gun game but is actually a joystick mounted gun with onscreen targets which helps to indicate the creepies vulnerable spots. This is a very good thing since they come at you fast and furious and there is no time to waste dispatching the ugly beasts.



Another feature of the game that makes gameplay enjoyable for shooters of every ability is the limitless supply of ammunition. Point, aim, pull the trigger and blast everything that moves to smithereens!



Gameplay takes place on a tropical island that has been overrun by mutant animal and plant life, of course all of the variety that wants to do you bodily harm. (Makes you wonder why mutants are never cuddly critters but always have oversize fangs and claws). The player’s characters are a young couple, Ben and Norah, on a vacation gone wrong (where’s Survivor Man when you need him) and their only hope for survival is to protect one another as they drive their utility vehicle or motor boat and walk. run, crawl, climb and swim to safety.



Players move through five lush stages of tropical terror having to defeat that stage’s boss to finish the level. Along the way they will encounter a giant bullfrog, man-eating venus flytraps and a monster butterfly, all eager to get up close and personal and invite you to a dinner where you’re the main course.



The games cabinet is styled to look like an expedition utility vehicle, complete with bench seat and curtain doors that help create a realistic experience for the players. Even with the curtains drawn the action on the monitor is visible through the cabinet’s rear window. With the young couple cooperative theme and enclosed cabinet it has been a favorite of those on a date since its release in 2006.


Let’s Go Jungle sports a 50″ projection screen and 5.1 surround sound that brings the crystal clear video and ambient sound effects to vivid life and will have you jumping for cover.

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